Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Math Teachers Lead Change

Calling All Math Teachers/ Calling for Change
Do you teach math?  Is your teaching of math much like the
instruction you had as a student? (i.e: master the facts, speed
is the goal, learn this process, follow the book’s method,
work quietly/don’t disturb others, etc., etc.).

Do you believe some people have a “math brain” and
others don’t?

Why are US students still scoring well below other
countries in mathematics?  
Are any of your students saying, “I just don’t get it!”  
Well, this video may help you to sort out how to make
sense of the Common Core Mathematical Practices.  

As Grace Kelemanik says, “There are so many of them,
and so little time.”[1] See video below...

The chart below is a representation of Ms. Kelemanik’s groupings of the CC Math Practices.

Grace Kelemanik has more than 30 years of mathematics education experience. A frequent presenter at national
conferences, her work focuses on urban education, special populations, and teacher training. Most recently, Grace
is the coauthor of Routines for Reasoning: Fostering the Mathematical Practices in All Students. She is also coauthor
of The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit. (Heinemann)

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